The English Word Database of EMOtional TErms (EMOTE; Grühn, 2016) is a database of 1287 nouns and 985 adjectives. The goal of the database is to provide an easily accessible and comprehensive word pool that are relevant for research in the socio-emotional domain and for research on the interface between cognition and emotion, such as emotional memory.

Words were rated on valence, arousal, emotionality, concreteness, imagery, familiarity, and clarity of meaning. Adjectives were also rated on control, desirability, and likeableness.

In addition, EMOTE contains memorability scores for nouns based on a word recognition task that might be useful to select nouns for a memory experiment. We also collected age-relevance ratings for adjectives, which are currently not public.

EMOTE is available as an SPSS file or an Excel file.

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