Graduate Student Lab Members


Caitlin Reynolds

Office: Poe Hall 604

Research Interests: Ultimately, my curiosity surrounds end-of-life. I am interested in developmental changes across the lifespan, in the context of death and dying. My broader research questions include “How might previous death-related experiences shape people’s death attitudes and bereavement?”, “What does living while dying mean?”, and “How can researchers capture end-of-life as a developmental phenomenon?”

Personal Interests: Cooking, working out, drinking coffee, and reading



Taylor Leonard

Office: Poe Hall 604

Research Interests: Broadly, my research interests center around memory and other cognitive changes across middle-age and older adulthood. Currently, I am interested in examining some of the factors that may contribute to affect surrounding cognitive change, and what kinds of impacts those changes have. For example, “How do people’s perceptions of their own aging and perceived self-competence impact one’s ability to engage in everyday cognitive tasks?”, and further, “How do people’s subjective and objective changes in cognition affect their perceived ability to interact independently in the world around them?”

Personal Interests: Creative writing, reading, film photography, watching (too much) Formula 1


Jennifer Fredette

Office: Poe Hall 604

Research Interests: I am broadly interested in emotional and cognitive processes that occur prior to death. My current research focus is on anticipatory grief experienced by people who know a close friend or relative is going to die. I’m hoping to eventually expand this to anticipatory grief felt towards a person’s own death. I’m also interested in body disposition choices and how they relate to conception of death.

Personal Interests: Reading, singing, martial arts, and playing with my dog.